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AWS DevOps Certification Training

The Professional AWS  DevOps Engineer exam verifies technical knowledge of deploying, running, and managing distributed application systems on the AWS platform. AWS DevOps Engineer course is intended to assist individuals in establishing advanced technical abilities in CodeCommit, Codepipeline, CloudFormation, OpsWorks, Beanstalk, and other AWS DevOps technologies required to pass the AWS DevOps - Professional exam. With this AWS professional certification, you'll be part of an exclusive group of AWS and DevOps professionals in great demand by businesses all around the world.

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  • Introduction to cloud & AWS, Creation of AWS account.

  • Regions and availability zones, EC2 Fundamentals.

  • Creating your first EC2 Instance, Connecting to the created EC2 Instance.

  • key pairs, ssh, port22, putty, public key, private key.

  • Installing Webserver on EC2 (http, nginx).

  • Understanding about security groups.

  • Understanding EC2 Public and Private IP addresses.

  • Creating Launch Templates for EC2 Instances.

  • How to create customized AMI'S for EC2 Instance.

  • Working with EC2 Instance Metadata service and Dynamic data.

  • Bootstrapping EC2 Instance using UserData.

  • EC2 Instance Purchasing options.

  • Being Responsible with AWS Billing.

  • EBS Volume Types.

  • Create EBS Volumes, Attach EBS Volumes to EC2 Instance.

  • Monitor AWS Billing, Setting up Billing Alerts.

  • Troubleshooting Scenarios.

  • EC2 Interview.

MODULE - 2 IAM [ Identity Access Management]

  • Getting started with IAM, Creating IAM users, Groups, Policies, Roles.

  • Understanding IAM AWS managed and customer managed policies.

  • Exploring IAM Inline policies

  • Connecting to AWS Services from command line.

  • Creating an IAM Role to connect to s3 from EC2.

  • Understanding Instance Profiles, Authentication with IAM.

  • Exploring IAM cross account Access using Roles.

  • Understanding Federation with IAM Roles.

  • Understanding Web Identity with IAM Roles.

  • Exploring Identity Based and Resource based policies.

Module 3 - [ High Availability, Scalability]

  • load balancer and its types, ALB Hands On, NLB Hands On
    Gateway Load Balancer.

  • Elastic Load Balancer - Sticky sessions.

  • ELB - cross Zone Load Balancing.

  • SSL Certificates, Autoscaling Scaling Policies.


  • CIDR, Private vs Public Ip

  • Default VPC Overview, VPC Hands-on

  • Subnets, Internet Gateway, NAT Gateway

  • NAT Instances, NACL & Security Groups

  • VPC Peering, VPC Endpoints

  • VPC Flow Logs, Direct Connect & Direct Connect Gateway

  • AWS Private Link, Transit Gateway

  • VPC Traffic Mirroring, Networking Cost

Module 5 – DATABASES [RDS]

  • Amazon RDS

  • RDS Read Replicas vs Multi AZ

  • Amazon RDS Hands-on

  • RDS Encryption + Security

  • Aurora Hands on

  • Elastic Cache

Module 6 - ROUTING (ROUTE53)

  • DNS Overview

  • Route53 - Registering a domain

  • Route53 - Creating our first records, Route53 - EC2 Setup

  • ROUTE53 – TTL, Route53 CNAME vs Alias

  • Routing policy – Simple, Weighted, Latency, Failover,

  • Geolocation, Geoproximity, Multi Value

  • RoutE53 - Health Checks

Module 7 - [ Logging & Monitoring]

  • Cloud watch logs

  • Cloud watch dashboard

  • Cloud Watch Agent

  • CloudTrail vs CloudWatch vs Config

Module 8 - Serverless [AWS Lambda]

  • Introduction to AWS Lambda

  • Using AWS Lambda with Boto3

  • Creating a Lambda deployment package

  • Monitoring AWS Lambda functions

  • AWS Lambda with vpc concepts

Module 9 - IAAC - [ Cloud Formation]

  • Introduction to Cloud Formation

  • Cloud formation parameters, Resources

  • CloudFormation mappings, outputs

  • CFN init and EC2 Userdata

  • Continuous Delivery with cloud formation

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