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DevOps, short for Development and Operations, is a software engineering approach that aims to unify development and operations teams, automating processes at all levels. By adopting DevOps, organizations can streamline project service management, align with operational objectives, and gain a deeper understanding of the technology stack in their production environment.

Built on the foundation of agile methodology, DevOps emphasizes effective communication, efficient resource management, and collaborative teamwork. The key advantages of this approach lie in its ability to accelerate development, resolve production-level challenges swiftly, ensure application stability, and foster innovation.

Embrace the power of DevOps to optimize your software development lifecycle and unlock new levels of efficiency, reliability, and innovation in your organization.


1. Java Application using Gradle
2. WebServer using Docker
3. CI/CD Pipeline using Azure
4. Jenkins Remoting Project
5. CD Pipeline using AWS
6. Deploying a Containerized Web Application
7. Building Version Control System
8. Deploying Application Using Kubernetes
9. Structuring a Terraform Project
10. Building and Executing Selenium Project


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DevOps Projects
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