Ondemand Labs offers an online Testing Course led by expert trainers. This comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a professional software tester.

In today’s software-driven world, ensuring the quality and reliability of applications is paramount. The Testing Course will provide you with a deep understanding of software testing principles, methodologies, and techniques. You will learn how to design effective test plans, execute test cases, report defects, and ensure the overall quality of software products.

The course covers a wide range of testing types, including functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and more. You will also gain hands-on experience with industry-leading testing tools and frameworks, enabling you to effectively conduct automated testing and enhance your efficiency.


  • Introduction to Tosca
  • Advantages and Disadvantages by comparing with other tools
  • Working with Tosca Automation Tool Testing Syntax
  • Reading Tosca Automation Tool Testing Data Sets
  • Tosca Installation Process
  • Standard Module Import
  • Tosca Architecture
  • Module Section – Creating Modules
  • Quick Re-cap of Module Creation process
  • Xpath in Module creation
  • Control Groups (Within Modules) in TOSCA Test Suite
  • Create and Use Reusable Test Step Blocks (RTB) – Library in TOSCA Test Suite
  • Business Parameter in TOSCA Test Suite
  • Exception Handling – Recovery Scenario
  • Exception Handling – Cleanup Scenario
  • Understanding the Web Table
  • Structure of Web Table
  • Web Table Handling using TOSCA Test Suite
  • Perform Calculations using MATH Function & CALC Function
  • DATE and TIME Expressions in TOSCA Test Suite
  • Generate Random Text, Number & String Using TOSCA Test Suite
  • Synchronization in TOSCA Test Suite
  • Conditional Statement – IF statement
  • Conditional Statement – WHILE statement
  • Conditional Statement – DO statement
  • Introduction to Data Driven Testing & Test Case Design Section
  • Create Test Sheet, Attributes & Instances
  • Generate Data Combinations (Manual way & automatically)
  • Create Test Sheet from Automated Test Case
  • Create Template, Link & Instantiate (Create test cases based on test data sheet)
  • Create Data Driven Test case from external excel sheet
  • Class in Test Case Design Section – Create Reusable attributes & Instances
  • Connect & Synchronize JIRA with TOSCA Test Suite
  • TOSCA CI – Execute Test Cases from Command Prompt
  • TOSCA CI – Execute Test Cases from Jenkins (CI Tool)
  • TOSCA CI – Execute Test Cases from Jenkins (CI Tool)
  • Execute Selenium Test cases from TOSCA Test Suite
  • Execute Selenium Tests from TOSCA
  • What is Classic Engines in TOSCA Test Suite? Add Classic Engine to TOSCA Project Read / Write / Verify data in Excel Spreadsheet using TOSCA Test Suite
  • Excel Engine – Few things more to know
  • PDF Compare using TOSCA Test Suite
  • Validate PDF using PDF Vector Engine – Guide & Simple Example
  • String Operations using TOSCA Test Suite
  • Logging – Capture Screenshot in TOSCA Test Suite
  • Copy / Delete / Compare / Check for existence of file using TOSCA Test Suite
  • Introduction to Exploratory Testing using TOSCA Test Suite
  • XML Testing – Validate XML file against XS
  • Insert Data in to XML File Using TOSCA Test Suite
  • Verify Data from XML File Using TOSCA Test Suite
  • Introduction to Database Interaction using TOSCA Test Suite
  • Setup ODBC Connection
  • Work with Database using TOSCA Test Suite
  • How to create / Generate Reports using TOSCA Test Suite?
  • API Testing using TOSCA Test Suite (API SCAN) – Part 1
  • API Testing using TOSCA Test Suite (API SCAN) – Part 2
  • Best Practices for creating Modules in TOSCA Test Suite
  • Create Reusable Test Case Design Section
  • Best Practices while working with Shared Repositories
  • Difference between Modules & XModules
  • Outlook Engine – Send email automatically using Tosca Test suite.


Our course schedule is thoughtfully designed to provide flexibility and convenience for our students. We understand that everyone has different commitments and time constraints, which is why we offer various scheduling options to suit your needs.

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